Batch Fax2JPEG 2.00

Batch Fax2JPEG 2.00



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Batch Fax2JPEG is a fax to jpeg converter able to convert variuos fax to jpeg in batches, such as: 1) Convert APRO, MightyFax apf fax to jpeg;2) Convert MS awd fax to jpeg (on win2000/xp);3) Convert Bitware bfx fax to jpeg;4) Convert CALS Group IV (type I) cal mil ras img gp4 fax to jpeg;5) Convert dcx fax (black-white dcx files) to jpeg;6) Convert Faxwizard fmf fax to jpeg; 7) Convert Qulink Link qfx fax to jpeg;8) Convert Zetafax g3f g3n fax to jpeg;9) Convert black-white tif/tiff files of Modified Huffman (MH), group3 fax (MH MR or T.4), group 4 fax (MMR or T.6), PackBits compressed and uncompressed tiff to jpeg; 10) Convert WinFax fxd fxm fxr fxs fax to jpeg;11) Convert Kofax Ascent Capture DS fax to jpeg;12) Convert other G3 G4 fax to jpeg;You can keep the converted jpeg files date and time optionally. Auto splitting a mutiple-page fax file into multiple jpeg files.Both GUI and command line modes are supported.

Systems: Windows

Tags: black white   jpeg   fax   convert   files   white   tiff   mh   group   dcx   black  

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